Sunday, March 03, 2013

Rebecca Cullin Update

Rebecca Cullin 2_27_13 photo IMAG1092-1_zps5df23a7a.jpg

I have been diligently stitching Rebecca Cullin and have finally taken a full photo to show. She is quite large! I have decided to restitch the leaves in the top embroidery, but leave the flowers. I am waiting on an HDF order of the premium (twice the diameter) silks needed, so in the mean time I will put her away. If you look at the leaves under the carnation in the center, you can tell the leaf on the left is regular silk and the leaf on the right is premium. It stands out so much better!

I had the pleasure to see Bethany and her mom's inspiring photobucket pictures on Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year Blog 2. It was so inspiring that I have decided to pull out Polly Phillip. The colors in PP are so bright and happy. The inside panels are over one tent/continental stitch, which I love! I plan to outline the rest of the panel and then start filling it in.

Polly Phillip 1772- 4 photo PollyPhillip4.jpg

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Nicola said...

Those photos of Bethany and her Mum were amazing and so inspiring but so are the photos of your samplers.