Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rebecca Cullin, the Good and the Bad

The Good: I have finely been able to pay attention to my beloved SL Rebecca Cullin. I absolutely love this piece. I have been concentrating on the bottom and trying to fill in the massive amount of stitching in the border. After all my recent stem stitching with Ring in the New, I couldn't resist outlining the tree. The trunk will be filled with stem stitch and the branches are supposed to be straight stitch. I have been spending a lot of time on Mary Corbet's site trying to decide which stitch I wanted for the leaves. After rejecting the straight stitch and fly stitch, I decided to go with the fern stitch. I think it makes cute little leaves! I am using HDF Old Maid of the Forest in Premium. The trunk is an old dye lot of OMotF in SSR and darker, so it will make a nice trunk. I am using the chart/ stitched model/ and original Rebecca Cullin to decide how to stitch this cute little tree.

RC Fern Stitch 2-24-13 photo IMAG1075_zpsf394fe76.jpg

The Bad: I began looking closer at the work I have already done at the top of the embroidery... the stem stitching is dreadful!! It seems like such a simple stitch, but if you don't follow the rules, it can get very sloppy. I didn't realize there were rules when I first stitched that part. Thank you Mary Corbet!! Now I really must redo the stem stitch vine. I decided to go with premium there as well. You can see from the photos the beginning (on the left) that is redone is much nicer than the rest... I do not mind to frog the vine because it will be much prettier. I may restitch the leaves as well, but the flowers will stay.

RC Adding Premium 2-24-14 photo IMAG1079_zpsccf431cf.jpg

Look at the lighter green vine in the center connecting the leaves- yes, that is supposed to be stem stitch!! Yuck!! That will get a definite do-over as well, but I have to order more premium floss first.

RC Frogging And Correcting Stem Stitch 2-24-13 photo IMAG1081_zpsf78808f6.jpg

I will take a photo of the entire piece later this week after I have more completed. There are so many threads sticking out here and there that it looks like a real mess!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ring in the New

I have finished three more parts to my Ring in the New from the Sticklounge Group. I have really enjoyed stitching these little pieces because they are great practice for surface embroidery.

RitNew April photo RitN-4AprilRebecca_zps4705ad30.jpg

RitNew May photo RitN-5MayRebecca_zps87076d82.jpg

RitNew June photo RitN-6JuneRebecca_zps5a48569a.jpg

I am currently stitching SL's Rebecca Cullin which has tons of free hand embroidery and I feel much more confident now than I did when I started it. I figure I have almost mastered the stem stitch. I know that sounds silly because it seems so easy, but sometimes mine stem stitch looks great and sometimes awful. Turns out after reviewing Mary Corbet's site, I have been doing it right and wrong at the same time. I just keep telling myself "act like you're stitching left to right, no matter what direction you are going..." We'll see what happens when I get back to the embroidery part on Rebecca Cullin.

Monday, February 11, 2013

RMT up to page 18

I have finally managed to stitch RMT from the Sticklounge Group up to page 18. This piece is over one on 40 ct linen using HDF Rubbed Burgundy. It is such a beautiful piece!

 photo RMT-18Rebecca_zpsad25f529.jpg

I have also completed the March part to Ring in the New. I have major catching up to do since the deadline is March 1!! I think I got bogged down with this piece because I did not love the design, but the next parts are very nice. I would love to complete it because I have already purchased the fabric to make it into a wall hanging.

 photo RitN-3Rebecca_zps3e4e523d.jpg

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Testing HDF SSFine Ex Fried Pickles with black

Here is a photo of the little bit of test stitching I got to do Sunday over one on 40 ct... Restarting Pauline Schwartz:

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

In the far left corner is a regular SS strand of the same color so you can see the difference in thickness. The SSF is half the thickness of SSR and feels like working with a strand of spider silk. It is so delicate. My fingers are dry because I have to wash my hands so much at work, so it definitely snags more than the regular SS (on my fingers, not on the fabric) I recommend the Stitcher's Glove in a Bottle (I think that's what it's called- I get it from my LNS). Of course if your hands are not dry, then it's not a problem :) I can see so many possibilities with this floss... so many large monochromes can be reduced to over one on 40-45-even higher counts!!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Mathilde Duforest Update

I have stitched Mathilde Duforest everyday for the past month as my Daily Strand project. I have managed at least one strand everyday. Ususally one or two days a week I get to work on her during my lunch break. I am very happy with my progress! I put 54 strands in during January and am about 1/3 complete. It is so fun! It's amazing what how much I have completed with just stitching 15-20 minutes before bed. I really like this little piece. It is stitched over one on 38 creme Gander linen using a custom HDF color 3151/2453/2349.

Mathilde Duforest 1-31-13, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App