Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Testing HDF SSFine Ex Fried Pickles with black

Here is a photo of the little bit of test stitching I got to do Sunday over one on 40 ct... Restarting Pauline Schwartz:

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In the far left corner is a regular SS strand of the same color so you can see the difference in thickness. The SSF is half the thickness of SSR and feels like working with a strand of spider silk. It is so delicate. My fingers are dry because I have to wash my hands so much at work, so it definitely snags more than the regular SS (on my fingers, not on the fabric) I recommend the Stitcher's Glove in a Bottle (I think that's what it's called- I get it from my LNS). Of course if your hands are not dry, then it's not a problem :) I can see so many possibilities with this floss... so many large monochromes can be reduced to over one on 40-45-even higher counts!!

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Nicola said...

Thank you for sharing. I need some finer thread for a section of a sampler I am working on in a mini SAL.