Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Round 2 Rotation Pix

I've had some trouble out of my rechargeable batteries lately, so I've haven't been able to take any pix of Round 2 rotation. Here's lots of pix:
Awen Inspiration at 40 hours:
Midnight Orchard at 60 hours- LOVE her flaming hair!!
This is an older BAP called 4 Horses of Apocolypse by Kustom Krafts. It has always been one of my favorite pieces, and I have started it 3 times... hopefully this will get done one day- 20 hours:

Vision of Light got hardly any attention during this rotation because I had to work the entire weekend she was on the scroll rods. Oh well, there's always next month. 370 hours:
This is my New Start/Restart slot. It is Gypsies Again, restarted 1x1 on 28 ct. monaco. 10 hours:
The Napping Hat. I have finally made it all the way across the top- that means I'll have a cute little kitty in the next row of blocks!! 60 hours:
Whew, that was a lot of pictures. Incidentally, I do not have one of Mates because I restarted that one too. That's a total of THREE restarts during this rotation!! I hated working on it because in was on 20 ct over one to make it bigger (I like 28 ct 1x1 best). I decided I would never finish it if I stitched on that fabric, and since it is supposed to be a Christmas gift, I needed to get with it and stitch!! So it is now 1x1 on 28 ct with a double mat in its future to make it bigger. lol
I am also restarting Metamorphosis by Wolk within the hour. I was originally stitching on 32 ct tent over 1. Too much tension- making it warp. Now I'm going to my favorite 28 ct monaco 1x1. I bought an entire roll of rose colored monaco (the only color they had), so I have a piece big enough. Woohoo- gotta go stitch...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Storykeep- Buzz

I started this cute little storykeep a few months back- I only stitch on it at work, so I haven't gotten a lot done, but it sure is fun!! You can see the original pic in my ever-growing WIP list in the sidebar...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Waiting for Neptune

This is 20 hours of work on WFN. I'm doing this one 1x1 on 32 ct. I didn't think I would like this count, but it is actually fine. The coverage is great- sometimes I feel like it looks a little "bumpy," but only when you're up close inspecting it.
Can't wait to get more done on this one. I think the colors are wonderful and addictive.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

This weekend I have been stitching on Waiting for Neptune. I should have a new progress pic up late Sunday or Monday. I have also been frogging my Mask of Colors. I decided to restart it 1x1 instead of tent stitch, so it has taken a while to frog!!
Wanted to update my July goals as follows:
1- 2000 stitches Awen Inspiration
2- 1000 stitches Waiting for Neptune
3- 4000 stitches Vision of Light
4- 2000 stitches Midnight Orchard
5- 1000 stitches The Napping Hat
6-3000 stitches Mates (non HAED)
If I could stick to one pattern, there's no doubt I could finish by the end of the year, but i have so many I want to stitch!! I figure instead it will take longer, but I should be able to have a few finishes in the next few years... if HAED would stop putting out so many great patterns... just kidding!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Awen Inspiration

This is an update on my Celtic stitching. I'm not really a fan of Celtic things, but HAED's new artist Jen Delyth has wonderful artwork!! I already have three patterns from her and plan to own more before the week is out due to the HAED July 4th sale. I'm still holding out before ordering to see if they release any more "must haves." This is on 28 ct monaco, and yes, the fabric is pale rose. It was the only piece I had big enough- I thought stitching red and orange on the pale pink would make me sick, but it's not bad at all. It's just the canvas I'm using and the rose color disappears as I stitch ;)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Midnight Orchard

This past weekend was the 5th weekend Potts/Daniels SAL on the HAED BB. Perfect opportunity for me to stitch on Midnight Orchard. I completed 1500 stitches. I can't wait until she's up again in my rotation because I will get to start stitching on her hair again!! I'm using 25 ct lugana with VC silks 1x1.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vision of Light

I finally finished those last few hundred stitches in the bottom right corner. I am now 45% done... isn't she lovely?

She looks so alive IRL. One of my yearly goals is to complete the first 12 pages of VoL. I am now 3/4 of the way there.