Saturday, July 07, 2007

This weekend I have been stitching on Waiting for Neptune. I should have a new progress pic up late Sunday or Monday. I have also been frogging my Mask of Colors. I decided to restart it 1x1 instead of tent stitch, so it has taken a while to frog!!
Wanted to update my July goals as follows:
1- 2000 stitches Awen Inspiration
2- 1000 stitches Waiting for Neptune
3- 4000 stitches Vision of Light
4- 2000 stitches Midnight Orchard
5- 1000 stitches The Napping Hat
6-3000 stitches Mates (non HAED)
If I could stick to one pattern, there's no doubt I could finish by the end of the year, but i have so many I want to stitch!! I figure instead it will take longer, but I should be able to have a few finishes in the next few years... if HAED would stop putting out so many great patterns... just kidding!!

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