Sunday, May 02, 2010


Hello! It has been a while since I have posted. I never use the laptop anymore- just my Blackberry, so it seems like a hassel to drag it out. But today I shall show a few pics. I joined the Marquoir Group on yahoo and have been busy stitching some wonderful patterns. I don't speak German, but with the help of Babel fish I have been able to keep up. Also, the moderators are fluent in English and are great helping translate if needed.

My first finish from the group is Muttertagsherz (Mother's Day Heart). This was stitched on 28 ct monaco over one using HDF Garnet (an old color).
I am currently concentrating on Herz Rot-weiB (Heart Red-White) created by Jean-Louis Grandsire . I changed the colors to HDF white chocolate and Waterlilies Fir. The fabric is 40 ct Antique Spice from Sassy's Fabrics- my favorite fabric source! I have finished 9/36 parts and hope to get a couple more done today.

I have also started See the Star by Monika Buro and have finished 6/25 parts. I am stitching it on 40 ct Spellbound from Sassy's Fabrics with assorted HDF. This is the first 5 parts.

Here is also Zentangle-2 by Kirsten Schmidt. I have stitched 4/24 parts on this one. The original Zentangle-1 is why I even found the group. I joined the group after it was already stitched, but was able to purchase it with a donation to a charity of the list mom's choice (there's a new list mom now, so I joined just in time to be able to get it!!). Zentangle-2 is being stitched on Sassy's Caramel Corn which is a very rich yellow. It looks very faded in this picture. The silk is HDF special dye that we called Crushed Berries.

I am also stitching Quakerchen (Little Quaker) and Sissi Sampler. I just got the 3rd parts of each of those and will update them a little later- if I can remember!!

Once again, all these wonderful projects are copywrited to the Marquoir Group which I highly suggest to anyone who likes to cross stitch! We will be starting a tea cup sampler soon as well as a couple of other samplers. Babel fish is a great tool to help with translating!!