Saturday, June 23, 2012

June New Moon Wipocalypse Update

I finished Heart Note Alley!!
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Tribute to Ackworth 9/20 finished:
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Testing HDF's New 40 ct Canvas Lite

As soon as Vikki got the new 40 ct canvas lite in, I emailed her and begged for a yard in a nice lemon creme. She dyed it the next day, and I had it in my hands in no time!! It is quite beautiful and very substantial, but yellow is impossibe to photograph... anyway, I am going to try to put detailed photos here because photobucket decided to shrink out the detail...
The design is Funky Flowers- By the Bay Needleart. I am adding the "Stitch an Inch" bonus patterns to a border of my own creation. The first flower is Victoria.
I have stitched the upper left corner over one tent stitch. No slipping at all, even when going up or down to change directions. The slight line seen three lines down is stitcher error, not fabric. I decided to change the background color and stitched the new color right up to the old before frogging out the old-
The actual flower Victoria is stitched full cross over one. It is very smooth. No slubs!!
The border squares are over two. I used NPS black, and found it shredded a bit more than the HDF.

Pros (according to me)
No Slippage! NONE AT ALL! Stitches are even and not "knotty" like regular 40- can stitch the same way as over 2 without having to change direction on the horizontal thread to keep from slipping. I did not have to throw any extra stitches here and there due to one slipping under, which means easier to frog- appreciated on 40!
This fabric is perfect for anyone wanting to stitch a HAED on 40- it is heavy enough to hold up to parked threads. I always use Monaco because it is stiff- my next HAED start will be on this fabric!!!
Threads are even- not one "slub" so far. None expected from a visual look at the whole yard.
The holes are easy to see.
When I stitch with the 36 dauphin and normal canvas, I always get a blister on my thumb on the hand under the canvas- none with this.
Easy to iron- extremely light mist and wrinkles were easily ironed away.
Can stitch in hand easily! I don't stitch in hand, but I didn't want to cut the fabric until I was sure I wanted to do it over one- I was easily able to stitch in hand over one with no problems due to the stiffness of the fabric.
Cons- the machine marks- one 1 inch linear mark and about three that covered 6-8 threads on my yard. Not a problem for me, but could be for others. Luckily, DV said these marks are not all through out the roll.
I am using black NPSilk ( an old hank from another project) I had to frog one of the black squares and it shredded a lot. I don't think TG Silk n Colors would make it on this fabric without using short strands. I am using it on the 36 dauphin and it shreds terribly.
My next HAED start will be over one on the new 40!