Friday, October 19, 2007

Catching up on some pics

I haven't had time to post in a while- all my free time is spent stitching Mates. I am giving this as a gift for Christmas. Unfortunately, the Christmas Dinner is in the first week of December (it's usually just before Christmas), so I am missing about 3 weeks of stitching time. Gotta get it done as quickly as possible, so no more HAED stitching for a while. Of course I'll still participate in the Challenge SAL with Vision of Light.

Here is Vision of Light after the last SAL:

And La Belle- which I think is going to be beautiful- look at those trees forming in the mountain.

And Mates which is 33% done at this time:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Retired Artists SAL

This time around I worked on Metamorphosis since it was her turn in my rotation anyway. I have finally completed the first page. Hooray!! I took out the backstitch around her eyes for now- wasn't happy with it. I will work on it again later.

The little fishies around her are just getting started. This one is very addictive and is always hard to put away.