Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rebecca Cullin, the Good and the Bad

The Good: I have finely been able to pay attention to my beloved SL Rebecca Cullin. I absolutely love this piece. I have been concentrating on the bottom and trying to fill in the massive amount of stitching in the border. After all my recent stem stitching with Ring in the New, I couldn't resist outlining the tree. The trunk will be filled with stem stitch and the branches are supposed to be straight stitch. I have been spending a lot of time on Mary Corbet's site trying to decide which stitch I wanted for the leaves. After rejecting the straight stitch and fly stitch, I decided to go with the fern stitch. I think it makes cute little leaves! I am using HDF Old Maid of the Forest in Premium. The trunk is an old dye lot of OMotF in SSR and darker, so it will make a nice trunk. I am using the chart/ stitched model/ and original Rebecca Cullin to decide how to stitch this cute little tree.

RC Fern Stitch 2-24-13 photo IMAG1075_zpsf394fe76.jpg

The Bad: I began looking closer at the work I have already done at the top of the embroidery... the stem stitching is dreadful!! It seems like such a simple stitch, but if you don't follow the rules, it can get very sloppy. I didn't realize there were rules when I first stitched that part. Thank you Mary Corbet!! Now I really must redo the stem stitch vine. I decided to go with premium there as well. You can see from the photos the beginning (on the left) that is redone is much nicer than the rest... I do not mind to frog the vine because it will be much prettier. I may restitch the leaves as well, but the flowers will stay.

RC Adding Premium 2-24-14 photo IMAG1079_zpsccf431cf.jpg

Look at the lighter green vine in the center connecting the leaves- yes, that is supposed to be stem stitch!! Yuck!! That will get a definite do-over as well, but I have to order more premium floss first.

RC Frogging And Correcting Stem Stitch 2-24-13 photo IMAG1081_zpsf78808f6.jpg

I will take a photo of the entire piece later this week after I have more completed. There are so many threads sticking out here and there that it looks like a real mess!!


samplerlover said...

Rebecca is looking good and you are making good progress on her. I have nearly finished the bird. Just have 2 more tail feathers to go and his beak. I ended up giving him a bit of a nose job to make him less like an angry bird.

I ended up undoing the leaves on my tree as I noticed in another photo that they were more like like needles. - Sandra

Nicola said...

I think you have made a good choice with fern stitch. Mary's site is bookmarked for me I visit so often.

Your sampler is looking so pretty you must be very pleased.