Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mustertuch von 1783

I have finally completed another page on my Mustertuch. This is pages 1-3 completed- only 9 more to go. I really like this piece. It is over one on 32 ct Raffia Cream by Sassy's Fabbys using the HDF conversion and also some variagateds here and there.

Mustertuch 3-11-13 photo IMAG1123-1_zpsa17c5084.jpg

I hope to continue to devote one week a month to stitching Mustertuch and should be able to make great progress this year if no new starts get me off track.

My Beloved Sticklounge Yahoo Group has decided to close its doors at the end of June. It was such a fun group with many great pieces to stitch along together. Many of the pieces we stitched were freebies from the web (such as the giant RMT and Old European samplers). It wasn't about getting great freebies- I have most of them already. It was about deadlines and actually seeing progress on so many different styles of cross stitch that I wouldn't normally stitch. I am still amazed that the Group Moms (Susanne and Susanne aus LU) were able to run the group as long as they did with so many members and so many projects. It was definitely a labor of love! There is a page of my blog devoted to all my Sticklounge finishes- there are so many! I will definitely miss the group, but I have planned to focus on my HAED stitching and Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year stitching when the group closes in June. I would like to say "Thank You" to the Susannes for letting me participate in their wonderful group since 2010 (even though I don't speak German :))

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Rhonda said...

Hello Rebecca. I have just now found about this wonderful sampler. Can't wait to see more of it. By the way I'm from Tennessee also :)