Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Peaceful Paradise

Thought I would post an update on Peaceful Paradise, now that I have more of the "Night" panel stitched. I ended up having to change the yellow DMC in the moon to 745, because the color called for was too close to my variegated Whiskey. I'm going to have to get to work on the words though- I don't mind the mindless sky stitching, but letters sometimes drive me crazy. For anyone out there who may be stitching this, I emailed MSND and found that 2 skeins are needed of Eve's Leaves, Black Coffee, and Raven. Luckily my LNS is mailing me the extras-hopefully they're the same dyelot since I had just bought them.


Valeria said...

Hi! I'm an Italian girl stitcher, recently I've found your blog and I'm so interesting on your personal stitching method.
Looking at your photos I see that you leave on the right side of your works an enormous quantity of threads... why don't you cut them when you close the stitch?
Thank you.


p.s.: the charts you chosen are so amazing!!! ^_^

Rebecca in TN said...

Hi, Valeria!! I actually use the "parking method." All those crazy threads on the right are like little seeds waiting to be planted. I bring the thread up where it will be used next. If it is the end of the thread, I bring it up and under a grid line and cut it short. This means I never turn my stitching over- the next stitches cover up the tag at the end. It may lead to a messy back, but it really saves on stitching time! Thanks for your comment.