Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peaceful Paradise

I just started Peaceful Paradise by Midsummer Night Designs. It is so fun!! I bought all the original Crescent Colors/Gentle Arts/ Weeks that it called for, but have found myself subbing out most of it with HDF. Just can't help it! I have so many beautiful spools wanting to be stitched! The first panel (daylight) is stitched in a blue mystery spool that I think may be Steph's Gentle Seas. The second panel is in Motes of Night. The clouds are Mother of Pearl light. I am keeping the yellow WDW Whiskey, but I almost used HDF OMOTHive. I decided to keep that spool intact though because I may use it for a Quaker.

Here is a pic of Happy Hearts by Birds of a Feather. I finished it a couple of years ago, but it has been hanging at my LNS for the entire time. I just got it back 2 weeks ago. I love this piece because of all the initials. The "B and T" are for me and DH. The rest are for my pets- one dearly departed, the rest running the house.
Just in case you're interested, the initials go like this:
P= Princess (dearly departed pomeranian)
V. S. = Vinny (min pin) Santana (German Shepherd)
ANB= Ashley, Nikki, Brianna (my girly kitties)
B= Bugsy (my mean little min pin/schnauzer mix)
B T = Becky and TJ (that's me and DH)
C Y = Chopper and Yeti (my big dumb boy kitties that I love dearly)
There are 2 more kitties not included because I didn't have them then- Rocky and Rambo. Yep, that's their names according to DH. We're over-run with pets, but that's what happens when you work at a vet clinic and have a heart.


Kyriaki said...

Beautiful photos.

Happy hearts looks very nice, it's so sweet that you picked out the initials for your furbabies in it :)

Peaceful paradise! I've been working on that piece since January (except for a few weeks hiatus recently because life got nuts) in the recommended threads, and enjoying it immensely. I'm so glad to see someone else stitching it, and yours looks lovely. It looks like you're stitching up the sky much faster than I did - I hated doing the blocks of colour so I kept swapping a length of blue and length of something else. Helped me not to go nuts, but it was kind of boring.

I like your conversion :) I can't see much of the night sky yet, but I love the day sky blue.

Nicole said...

Great start on Peaceful Paradise! I love this one! Your BOAF is beautiful! You must be so glad to have it back! :)