Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to Samplers

I have spent a wonderful weekend at the LNS and online buying up samplers, samplers, samplers!! I haven't purchased a new one since 2006, so I have a lot of catching up to do. That said, after all my purchases, I settled on a freebie start. This is from Tracy at Ink Circles. It is a Mystery that will run through out the year. We have the outline right now. I am sprinkling DMC metallics in along with HDF for the majority of the stitching. The final product is supposed to be much like a "Carpet Page"- google that. They are gorgeous!!

Here is the upper left corner of mine- subject to change if I decide to frog it all. Worked on 40 ct Daily Grind linen one over two.


JinxedChilde said...

I just read a lot of your blog... and am I stunned! I thought *I* had a lot of WIPs... lol!
Your work is beautiful! Every last one of them!!!

Barbara said...

Just found your blog and am in absolute AWE of your work. You have so many stunning pieces. I could never have that many WIPs going at the same time and I admire anyone who can do it. I will bookmark your site and return to see all your progress. Love the HDF you've chosen for the Ink Circles piece. I still haven't decided on my threads yet and really need to get moving.
Barb in TX