Saturday, March 08, 2008

Update on VoL

As promised, here is my latest pic of VoL. She has gotten so big that I had to unroll her from the scroll frame and drape it over- hence the noticeable wave. Now, I know the mess of threads looks awful, but it is NOT a tangled mess. I park my threads which saves tons of time. I have only had one thread get tangled since I started parking (and it wasn't on VoL). I comb through them every once in a while with my fingers, so they stay nice and usable.
I took this pic without the flash in regular room lightening. It is slightly brighter IRL, but I thought it showed the nice sparkley jewelry better. I recharted the jewelry using DMC metallics.

I am almost to the bottom of the piece- the bottom left corner grid is as far down as it goes. I have decided to go all the way down and then over for the rest of the pattern- I am hoping if I concentrate on this and only join in the SALs, I should be able to finish by June 1st. Maybe sooner.

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cmurf said...

Hi Rebecca,

I just wanted to say that I think your work is stunning! I love your taste in patterns too - I have many of these in my Wish list. You are truly an inspiration!