Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January HAED SAL Challenge

This is the first month of the 2008 HAED SAL Challenge. I decided on a new start- QS Red Poppy by CCKuik. The original pic can be found in the sidebar. I really enjoyed working on this piece. At first I thought I would go crazy with all the green, but after I got into a rhythm , it went very well. I got loads done, even with only stitching a small amount on Sunday due to a stomach bug. There were plenty of color blocks which always lends to faster stitching. The pic is a little lighter than it should be, but I took it at night with the flash, which tends to "wash out" the colors.

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Lexi said...

Hi! Looks awesome. Just wondering, what did you use to grid your fabric? I want to grid mine so it will be easier to count, but I'm afraid it won't come out if I stitch over it. I just bought a pattern from HAED that I plan on starting as soon as I get my embroidery floss. Until then I'm going to try and get the prep work done and finish some other projects.