Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vision of Light

This weekend is the HAED 2007 Challenge SAL. I will be stitching my already started Vision of Light. Here are a couple of before pics:

I added a closeup of the butterfly. It is so pretty in person. My ultimate goal for this year is to complete half of this chart. So far, I have 18.5% complete (27,700 stitches).I am stitching on 28 Monaco 2 over 1 tent stitch... really feels like cheating, but the coverage is great, and I feel like it's twice as fast ;)

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rosemarie said...

Hi rebecca, i've got to agree with you there about this chart... it's a dream to stitch.. i'm doing mine on 22ct full cross over 1 ... so it's taking a lot longer to do... right now, i'm stitching down the side of her... good luck!