Sunday, January 07, 2007

My New Years Insanity

Well, I took the plunge on January 1st and had a whirl-wind day of starting HAEDs... all my most favorite ones. I have a semi-strict policy of finishing 2 WIPs before I can start a new one EXCEPT on Jan 1st I can start anything. I have tried to stick to this plan for the past 3 years. So, since it was the first, I started 18 HAEDs!!

1- Revelation- Wolk OOP
2- Field of Dreams- Wolk OOP
3- The Garland- Wolk OOP
4- Metamorphosis- Wolk OOP
5- The Master Plan- Ravenscroft
6- Mask of Colors- Ravenscroft
7- Waiting for Neptune- Ravenscroft
8-Sea of Roses- Fenech
9- Love Me Not- Fenech
10- Midnight Secrets- Fenech
11- Poet- SPML
12- The Oath- Christensen
13- Old World Santa- Christensen
14- Fire in the Soul- Bergsma
15- Christmas Journey- Gilbert
16- Merlin and Arthur- Gustafson
17-Martyrs- Butler
18- Gypsies Again- Butler

I am actually concentrating on Vision of Light (B. K. Lusk- already started) which I will work on during the HAED SAL. I have another weekend devoted to Revelation. The rest I work on randomly... yep, this is going to be the year of the BAP for me!! I am going to do my best to take progress pics and post them in my blog.

Here's my first progress pic on Sea of Roses

I have completed about 800 stitches- that's 1.1%. The colors are so pretty!!

The next pic is Revelation. I worked on Rev all weekend- Doesn't seem especially difficult yet, but just getting through the top 10 rows are very time consuming. I am just over half way across the top. I have completed 2350 stitches for a total of 1.1 % complete on this one as well. DH would like to see this one on the wall tomorrow!!

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cica313 said...


One of my friends gave me your link, because you have quite a lot of beautiful HAED designs in progress... She has right! ;)
But I almost faint, when I saw, you have the Metamorphosis from Sheila Wolk... It is my top-favourite, but unfortunately, the HAED staff said, they are unable to send me, because they've broken up the contract with her... Is there any chance, you could help me get this beauty? I would be so happy...
Sorry, I write here, but I couldn't find other contact with you... And please also forgive my English...