Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Oath

Well, I received my latest HAED order earlier this week. I ordered:

1- Pumpkin Pixie- JBG
2- Jewele- JBG
3- Belladona's Gift- JBG
4- A Pale Comparison- JBG
5- A Rose Among Thorns- Ian Daniels
6- When Fairies Talk- Christensen
7- Wood Nymph- Josephine Wall
8- Butterfly Fairy- B.K. Lusk

I've been stitching like crazy. This weekend is the 2007 Challenge SAL, and I will be getting back to Vision of Light.

Here's a progress pic of The Oath by James Christensen. I love this one- looks like an old world doctor with lots of concoctions on the shelves... and of course the famous fish is hiding out on the shelf as well. Lots of green. Just started and have only done 1300 stitches for a grand total of .5%... lots more to do!!!

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