Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Rest of Round 2....

Playing catch-up again. I took pics of these, but forgot to update Love Me Not. I'll try to get to that one later on today.
This is Metamorphosis- I LOVE her. I am stitching one block (100 stitches) of the background and then one color around her face (may only be 2-3 stitches). That seems to help me keep motivated. I put her in my next rotation twice, but if she screams loud enough, she may stay out longer.
Soul of a Unicorn by Josephine Wall at around 30 hours. I can't believe the detail in this little corner. Can't wait to get to the main unicorn- he's going to be wonderful!!
I'll try to get a pic of Love Me Not up today as well.
OK.... it's later. I've got my pic of Love Me Not now. She's going to be beautiful as well. It's funny, every HAED I'm stitching becomes my favorite while I'm working on it. I practically have to force myself to rotate. Hhhmm.... maybe one day I'll become an OAATer?? Probably not. But it would be nice to finish one of these beauties!

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Anyi said...

my god. How can you do so many at the same time.

Im going to star Love Me Not and i'm looking for a picture of one finish. DO you have any idea of where i can find it?