Saturday, August 25, 2007

HAED New Start SAL

What to start?? I have so many patterns I want to start NOW, that this SAL is giving me a headache- and it just started. I have a few to choose from: Luna Moth by Rachel Anderson, Mermaid of the Deep by JBG, and the 2 new JBG's (Raised by Wolves and Wolf Manor), QS Bramble Fairy by Dillhoff....those are my top pics. After much debate, I have decided to start Mermaid of the Deep. She is almost the animated version of Meta, lol.
Here is the original pic:
I am off to stitch- I would like to get 1/4 way through the first page- that's about 2000 stitches. DH is going the the Nascar race tonight, so I have the entire day to stitch until my fingers are worn to nubs. I should at least be able to stitch 2000 stitches by the time the SAL is over. Happy SAL stitching everyone!!

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