Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vision of Light Update

Well, here she is after the April SAL challenge on the HAED BB. I decided to do a "chunk" instead of stitching straight across. I had no idea how much faster it would be! I completed over 5000 stitches during the SAL- probably because I didn't have to rethread the needle over and over and could actually complete a color all the way down. I stitched in five block coloumns.

I've now reached the 50,000 stitch mark and it has taken 300 hours!

I've included an up close pic of the jewelry. Had to be a little dark to show the beautiful sparkle. It took about 8 hours from start to finish. I used DMC precious metals and antique effects. Very fickle stuff to stitch with, but worth it. The hardest part was trying to "chart" the jewelry. Obviously, there were more colors charted than I had to choose from and it was also difficult to decide which part was necklace and which was skin. So, I did my best and am happy with the result. There's a little metallic blob of knots in between the earring and the necklace- you'll have to excuse that. I couldn't do a loop start with this metallic stuff, so intead of tent stitching, I did it 1x1 full cross. I think I'll like the contrast with the rest of the piece which is tent stitch 2x1. Oh, and I did this out of sequence to give me time to change my mind and frog it all out before I actually get there with the cotton. It's virtually impossible to frog very much when you park threads without tearing out the stitches you want to keep!!

The last pic is there because I'm going to use one of the colors as the gems set in her jewelry. Still haven't decided which one. I'll probably wait until I get there with the cotton part to decide.


Christine said...

WOW ! What an amazing amount of stiches ! I'm impressed !
Your lady is looking so gorgeous !

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! You made fantastic progress. I love the way the jewelry is coming out.