Saturday, January 07, 2012

I finally have a computer!!

I am so excited. I finally broke down and bought another computer. I have had three Gateways and an HP. This time I went with a Dell laptop. Oh, the freedom. I love it. I can now start posting more regularly. It was so aggrevating to do by phone.
I have decided to join the WIPocalypse 2012 SAL on Measi's Musings. It is a neat idea to work on things you want to finish before the end of the world. Hopefully that won't happen, but it will be nice to drag out some old favorite WIPs that I want to finish. I am trying to keep the list at 10, but it is so hard!! The only thing you have to do to post progress photos during each new moon (she has the dates listed) in order to be a part of the SAL. There is a drawing at the end for some free stash, but I really think just getting to work on favorite WIPs is reward in itself!
The deadline to enter is January 15th, so if anyone else out there wants to join, it's really easy. Just post a comment on her blog and let her know your blog site. Easy-Peasy. I think we all have a few things we'd love to finish before the end of the world!

Today I have decided to restart Froth and Bubble. I love the fabric so much, that I have decided not to waste it. It is 45 ct Quarry Graziano by Sassy's Fabbys. Since Graziano is now no longer being made, I would like to conserve what I have. The design will be about 6 inches across (the fabric shrank to about 48-50 ct), and my fabric is 17 inches across. With using a two inch margin, I can still have 7 inches x 34 inches left. Perfect for some smalls. I plan to put Froth and Bubble II just underneathe to make one long sampler. This is what I have done so far (actually there's more, but it's too depressing to take another pic). This is also my chosen Daily Strand stitching for the year.
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Well, off to start frogging...

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Measi said...

Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse, Rebecca - you're on the participant list. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Froth and Bubble is one of those pieces I've debated, so I'm definitely interested in seeing how yours progresses. I'll likely never stitch on Graziano - although I may have to go purchase some JUST IN CASE since it's now not in production.