Saturday, June 23, 2007

Busy Stitching

Hi everyone. I am busy stitching for the Fairy Day SAL. I am stitching Magpie Fairy (my New Start). Thought I would check in and share my new rotation plans....
I am using the Random Researcher to mix these 10 catagories up- there's a link in the sidebar if anyone would like to use it. It goes like this:

1- BK Lusk
3- Sheila Wolk
4- Josephine Wall
5- Celtic
6- Ian Daniels
7- Free slot (absolutely anything goes)
8- Miscellaneous HAED
9- New Start
10- Quick Stitch

I am stitching anything I want to by each particular artist, but definitely concentrating on Vision of Light by BK Lusk. I have links to all the charts I picked for this first rotation in the sidebar. I think I should make it at least one or two months on this rotation. Who knows. I may change it all around again tomorrow! lol

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JOT said...

Good luck with your new rotation. I will enjoy watching your progress.