Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vision of Light- first progress pic

So, I'm surfing the web around Memorial Day. I had been up most of the night before finishing a Christmas cross stitch and had to work that day. I was too exhausted to stitch. I stumbled across the HAED website. I thought, oh another one of those computer generated sites of beautiful paintings that look horrible when stitched (I have been burned before, can you tell??). I saw the link to the BB... and WOW all those WIPs and finished pieces were FABULOUS!!!!!!!! My favorite was Vision of Light by B. K. Lusk, a WIP by ropane, so I had to have it immediately by email. I also ordered Loves Me Not, Fire in the Soul, Midnight Secrets, Merlin and Arthur, and Waiting for Neptune. I think I could spend days looking at HAED's site and always find something new. I have since made another list of charts I want for Christmas.
I have no idea how Michele and Bob do it. The charts are NOT computer generated so it makes every stitch count. CG charts will have strange confetti stitches like a green stitch in the middle of a field of black. So far Vision of Light looks exactly the way it should... I don't think I have ever been so excited and happy stitching anything!! I still have an ornament and small piece to XS before Christmas, so I may have to get DH to hide VoL so I have to work on them.....
So, without further ado, here's my one week progress pic. Oh, and I am tent stitching which I have never done to an entire piece. I didn't like it at first but made myself keep stitching, and once everything started to take shape (twice as fast!!) I loved it!
I wish you could see it in person!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Rebecca, VoL looks fantastic! You have done a lot in a week! Oh, and welcome to the addictive world of HAED :)